Something is Killing the Children German Hardcover


Something is Killing the Children. Band 1 (Volume 1)
Language: German
Publisher: Splitter Verlag, 2020
ISBN 10: 3962195572 ISBN 13: 9783962195571
10.98x8.07x0.67 inches. 144 pages.

Collects issues #1-5.

Archer's Peak is a quiet place like a thousand others somewhere in the middle of America. Until the children of the community gradually disappear without a trace. Those who reappear report terrible monsters lurking in the shadows of the forest, although none of the adults believe this. And then the first bodies are found. A young woman has made it her mission to put an end to the series of murders. Her name is Erica Slaughter. She kills monsters, and she pays the price. Because someone has to do it.

The surprise hit by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell'Edera distills sheer horror and gripping mystery into a horror experience that you can't put down.